Welcome to Simplefrenchwords.com

Welcome to Simplefrenchwords.com !

My name is Mat, I’m a french guy from Burgundy. You know, this part of France famous for snails and red wine. We also have nice landscapes and a lot to visit there, if you have a chance to go, don’t hesitate ! Anyway…

I’ve spent one year in Japan with a working holiday visa and use to work as a french teacher. I don’t have any teaching formation or didn’t make any studies to become a teacher, but I learnt a lot about teaching french during this year. And one thing I must say is… there is a huge gap between what you learn from textbooks and the real french, the one we speak between friends and family here !!! Which means that even if you learnt a fair amount of french, you won’t be able to understand a thing if I start to speak with another french guy/girl.

simple french words
A picture of the Eiffel Tower… just because it’s nice 😉

What will I find on this website ?

Here comes simplefrenchwords.com: on this website, you will find the classic grammar lessons with my take on it, so you know exactly what to say in a casual french conversation. I’ll teach you a lot of slang  ! I’m talking about the everyday french, the one I speak with my parents and my friends, and basically everyone here (there will be bad words of course, but not so many, don’t worry).

You will also find french vocabulary lists, some tips for learning the basics of french and pronunciation, some french culture informations about food and french people, and plenty of french worksheets to help you progress in this difficult language (french is difficult, you’re warned!).

All the lessons are printable and you can download them on PDF.

Simplefrenchwords.com is still under construction so everything will come in time… my english is not perfect so if you find any mistakes please leave a comment !

You can contact me here if you have any questions or requests.

Bonne journée à tous !