100 most common french words

100 most common french words

On this page you will find the list of the 100 most common french words frequently used in the french language. It can be a good start if you are teaching yourself french and want to learn your first 100 french words.

To make this list, I checked different ‘100 french world list‘ on Google and took what was the most useful. It appears that the first article on Google is showing some words we hardly use in french nowadays… so I did my own correction.

Anyway, if you want to print this list of the 100 most used french words, just click here and it will show on PDF. It’s free (just like all the PDF lessons on this site).

If you see some english mistakes in my explanation, please let me know ! (I’m french and my english is not perfect…)

Note: usually, the verbs in this list are conjugated when we use them. We also use a lot of “c’est” (meaning “it’s…”).

100 most common french words

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1. à to, at, in
2. avoir (verb) to have
3. avec with
4. autre other, another
5. avant before
6. aussi too, also/ as
7. aller (verb) to go
8. aucun none, either, neither, not any
9. au / aux to, at, in, the
10. alors then, so
11. après after
12. aujourd’hui today
13. aimer to love, to like
14. bon good; (un bon: a coupon, a voucher)
15. beaucoup a lot, plenty
16. bien well; (un bien: a good)
17. ça this /that
18. ce this, that
19. cela that, it
20. celui that, the one, he, him
21. comme like, as
22. chose a thing, something
23. dans in, into, from
24. demain tomorrow
25. depuis since
26. demander (verb) to ask for
27. de some, any / of, from
28. déjà already
29. donner (verb) to give
30. deux two
31. difficile hard, difficult
32. dire (verb) to say, to tell
33. devoir (verb) to have to, to owe; (le devoir: duty)
34. dernier  last
35. et and
36. encore again, yet
37. en in, by
38. elle she, her
39. être (verb) to be; (un être humain: a human being)
40. faire (verb) to do, to make
41. grand  big, tall, great
42. heure hour
43. il he, it
44. jamais never
45. je I
46. jour day
47. le  the
48. lequel who, whom, which
49. lui him
50. leur their, theirs, them
51. mais but
52. me me, myself, to me
53. moins less / minus
54. mon my (masculine)
55. minute minute
56. maintenant now
57. même same; (adv.) even
58. mettre (verb) to put, to place
59. nous we, us
60. ne not
61. non no, not
62. on we
63. où where
64. ou or
65. par by
66. pas not; (means also footstep)
67. parfois sometime
68. pouvoir (verb) to be able to, can; (le pouvoir: power)
69. pour for, in order to
70. petit small, little
71. passer (verb) to pass
72. peu little, few
73. pendant during, for
74. plus more / no more
75. prendre (verb) to take
76. quand when
77. que that, which, who, whom
78. quelque some
79. qui who, whom
80. regarder to watch, to look at
81. rien nothing
82. rester (verb) to stay
83. sans without
84. savoir (verb) to know (le savoir: knowledge)
85. semaine week
86. suite rest, result, follow-up
87. se oneself, himself, herself, itself, themselves
88. si if, whether; (adv.) so
89. sur on, upon
90. son his, her, its; (un son: a sound)
91. temps time
92. toujours always, still
93. tout all, every
94. très very
95. un a, an (masculine) ; (also meaning: number one)
96. venir (verb) to come
97. voir (verb) to see
98. vous  you (polite)
99. vouloir (verb) to want
100. y there / it
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    I suggest we should also have the pronounciation mentioned along the word. As in french words we don’t pronounce it as its written unlike in english.

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