List of english words used in french language

English words used in french languageEnglish words used in french language

On this page you will find the vocabulary list containing all the most common english words used in french language.

You can download it on PDF for free by clicking here.

If you see some mistakes or if you want to add a new word to the list, please leave a comment !

Everyday’s life Computing and internet
OK Le Web
cool Uploader
week end Downloader
smartphone Screenshot
parking Zoom
camping Lag
lifting Rebooter
best-seller Geek
blazer Nerd
workshop Hotline
underground chat
customiser cloud
jean Poster
living room Post
brushing Plugin
speech Laptop
debriefing Chat
coming out Followers
speed dating Playlist
french touch webmaster
pipeline Bug
faire le forcing selfie
crash hashtag
feux de warning Spam
handball Music, cinema and medias
design Buzz
pacemaker Talk-show
banana splitt casting
vintage come-back
hardware fantasy
clown News
smoking spoiler
revolver preview
sniper teaser
gun hipe
tuning Box-office
sketch Hit-parade
sponsor Pop-corn
miss Story-board
master Shooting
bachelor Making-of
customiser remake
la life blockbuster
fun pitch
exit serial killer
sex shop Thriller
flyer playlist
people cameraman
pickpocket sitcom
top making of
geek flash mob
best seller blockbuster
plaid guest
show Prime-time
slow Scoop
email One-man-show
after shave Interview
baby sitter Best-of
boom Star
boss show
squatteur Big-up
coach standing ovation
feeling zapping
fast food casting
sandwich sponsor
pop Fan
rush Best-seller
scoop play-back
speed dating one man show
flirt DJ
sexy strip-tease
brunch music-hall
gloss blues
speed gospel
steak Low-cost
talkie-walkie Jet set
parking Sports
patchwork football
Quick babyfoot
hamburger green
sticker jogging
toast lob/lober
toaster Fair-play
building Hooligan
home theatre dribble
kidnapping match
lifestyle supporter
fake knock-out
one again bobsleigh
legging basket (le sport)
kit basket (la chaussure)
bulldozer pom pom girl
pickup goal
shaker leader
breakfast match
snack corner
bacon bodybuilding
light fitness
shopping bowling
discount Work and businesses
low cost freelance
leader price sponsor
ketchup turnover
marshmallow trader (finance)
city marketing
self service dumping
drive-in bluff
drugstore boom
shopping business
deal businessman
check-list business model
no man’s land business plan
non-stop planning
chewing gum management
peanuts boycotter
challenge boycott
top open space
drive-in job
groggy manager
non-stop brainstorming
boycot meeting
break break
jackpot leadership
cardigan boss
charter one to one
fake back office
drive slide (PowerPoint)
bouledogue Feedback
cowboy dispatcher
cutter booster
dancing Challenge
dressing coaching
flash-back dumping
miss hard-discount
girl after-work
microphone checker ses emails (to verify your emails)
baffle deadline
fashion ASAP
bazooka timing
bermuda blacklist
fair-play black out
laser cashflow
lift mailing
battle start up
timing check-list
booster briefing/débriefing
charter (transport aérien) offshore
open B to B
barbecue speed/speeder
airbag rush
cutter jetlag
stand by lobby
outsider Technologie
ferry High-tech
club At the bar, nightclub
mug barmaid/barman
hold up open bar
kidnapping happy hour
fun barman
rush/rusher dance floor
bluff/bluffer cocktail
booké/surbooké/overbooké night club
  un Pub


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