French days of the week

French days of the weekFrench days of the week

On this page you will find the days of the week in french with their pronunciation.

You can download it on PDF for free by clicking here.

If you see some mistakes or if you want to add a new word to the list, please leave a comment !

English => French

  • Days of the week => Les jours de la semaine
  • a day => un jour / une journée (you can use both)
  • a week => une semaine

Monday => lundi (luhn-dee)
Tuesday => mardi (mahr-dee)
Wednesday => mercredi (mer-cruh-dee)
Thursday => jeudi (juh-dee)
Friday => vendredi (vahn-druh-dee)
Saturday => samedi (sah-mu-dee)
Sunday => dimanche (dee-mahnsh)

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