French expressions and phrases pdf

French expressions and phrases

On this page you will find useful expressions and phrases used in french.

Basic stuff and useful expressions in french

  1. French negative expressions to know
  2. Key french phrases: agree and disagree
  3. Key french phrases to pick up french girls
  4. French love phrases: be romantic !
  5. How to write sentences in french  
  6. 20 popular french phrases you must know
  7. How to order food and drinks in french
  8. Top 10 french idioms about food
  9. How to say ok in french slang
  10. 10 english expressions used in french 
  11. Common french phrases used in english 
  12. Some french expressions used in english
  13. Useful french exclamations you must know 
  14. Some funny french expressions you must learn
  15. Quantities



  1. Basic french for tourists
  2. 20 common french phrases for tourists you need to know 
  3. French travel phrases: at the hotel (accomodation and booking a room)
  4. French travel phrases: bank and money
  5. French travel phrases: asking for directions
  6. French travel phrases: shopping
  7. French phrases for traveling: sightseeing
  8. French phrases for traveling: trains and buses
  9. French phrases for traveling: at the restaurant
  10. French phrases for traveling: at the post office
  11. French phrases for traveling: safety and emergencies
  12. French phrases for traveling: meeting people
  13. French phrases for traveling: talk about your trip
  14. French phrases for traveling: communications (phone/internet)
  15. French phrases for traveling: health problems (doctor, hospital, pharmacy…)


Letters and email

French slang

  1. French exclamations
  2. What does putain mean in french
  3. How are you in french slang
  4. Goodbye in french slang
  5. Cool in french slang 
  6. Bye in french slang 
  7. How to say awesome in french
  8. Money in french slang
  9. How to say hey in french
  10. What the hell in french
  11. Pretty girl in french
  12. French word for girl
  13. French words for money
  14. French phrases about life
  15. How to curse in french: some tips
  16. 10 most useful insults in french
  17. How to say idiot in french
  18. How do you say screw you in french
  19. How to say bad words in french  
  20. 10 very useful french slang words 
  21. French slang expressions you must know 
  22. 10 swear words in french nobody uses
  23. French ultimate swear words list: the very best-of

Numbers and couting

  1. How to say the numbers in french
  2. How to say 4 in french  
  3. How to count to 5 in french  
  4. How to count to 10 in french
  5. How to say 10 in french
  6. How to say 1 in french 
  7. How to spell six in french  
  8. How to say six in french  
  9. How to say 8 in french  
  10. How to say 11 in french  
  11. How to say 15 in french
  12. How do you say 16 in french
  13. How to say 30 in french
  14. How to say 45 in french
  15. How to say 1000 in french

How to say…

Some of the most googled ‘how to say … in french‘:




















  1. How to say why in french
  2. How to say would in French
  3. How to say work in french  
  4. How to say word in french 
  5. How to say which in french 
  6. How to say who in french
  7. How to say where are you from in french  
  8. How to say where is in french 
  9. How to say where in french  
  10. How do you say when in french 
  11. How to say whatever in french 
  12. How to say what is that in french  
  13. How to say what did you say in french 
  14. How to say what is it in french language 
  15. How to say what in french  
  16. How to say with in french
  17. How do you say I will in french 
  18. How to say were in french 
  19. How do you say we in french  
  20. How to say watch in french  
  21. How to say was in french
  22. How to say I want in french