French expressions and phrases pdf

French expressions and phrases

On this page you will find useful expressions and phrases used in french.

  1. How to greet someone in french
  2. Different ways to say Thank You in French
  3. Polite expressions
  4. Abbreviations and acronyms
  5. Agreement and disagreement
  6. Anger
  7. Apologize in French
  8. Ask for an opinion
  9. Ask for directions
  10. Indicate a direction
  11. Ask for help
  12. At the airport ✈️
  13. At the bar
  14. At the hospital
  15. At the hotel
  16. At the restaurant
  17. At work
  18. Be concerned
  19. Be tired
  20. Change your mind
  21. Cheer someone up
  22. Choices and decisions
  23. Clothing: useful expressions
  24. Describing a text in French ?
  25. Describing pictures in French
  26. Arguments and explanations (Discuss and illustrate his or her point)
  27. Doubt and lack of opinion
  28. Encourage someone
  29. How to start and have a basic conversation in French
  30. Exchange contact information
  31. Explain something / ask for explanations
  32. Expressing certainty and uncertainty
  33. Expressing cause and effect in French (Expressing the cause and consequence)
  34. Expressing your feelings
  35. Expressing your opinion
  36. Facial expressions
  37. Fear
  38. Forgetting things
  39. French idioms with colours
  40. French idiomatic expression (part 1)
  41. French idiomatic expression (part 2)
  42. French idiomatic expression (part 3)
  43. French idiomatic expression (part 4)
  44. French love quotes
  45. Get to know each other
  46. Guessing something
  47. Contrast, opposition and concession
  48. How to write a letter in French
  49. Idiomatic expressions of comparison
  50. Indicate your intentions
  51. Insults, swearing, and vulgar expressions “^” ‘(-¿-)” ^”.
  52. Introduce a restriction and impose a condition
  53. Introduce yourself and someone in French
  54. Invite someone and be invited
  55. How to refuse and say no
  56. Connectors and transitions phrases
  57. Luck and misfortune
  58. Make an estimate
  59. Make comparisons
  60. Make suggestions
  61. Places and space
  62. Poverty and wealth
  63. Giving advice in French
  64. French travel quotes
  65. Tell time in French
  66. Reminding someone to do something
  67. Say that something is expensive
  68. Say the date in French
  69. How to say what you like and love
  70. Share your impressions (1/2)
  71. Share your impressions (2/2)
  72. Essential French phrases for travelers
  73. Useful classroom expressions in French
  74. How to structure a speech or talk
  75. Stupid and clever
  76. Talk about your tastes
  77. Talk about your preferences
  78. Talk about hobbies (music, movies and sports)
  79. Talk about money
  80. Talk about possibilities
  81. Talk about sport
  82. Talk about charts and statistics
  83. Talk about the future
  84. Talk about the weather
  85. Talk about your job
  86. Phone conversations
  87. How to write a cover letter
  88. French phrases to use when you’re disappointed
  89. The job interview: questions & answers
  90. French idioms of surprise
  91. Going to the dentist
  92. Going to the bank
  93. Going to the shop
  94. Going to the doctor
  95. Travel by car 🚗
  96. French phrases for traveling: trains and buses 🚄
  97. War and conflict
  98. Write a postcard in French
  99. Flirting in French ♡
  100. Top 100 most common phrases in French (for beginners)

Basic stuff and useful expressions in french

  1. French negative expressions to know
  2. Key french phrases: agree and disagree
  3. Key french phrases to pick up french girls
  4. French love phrases: be romantic !
  5. 20 popular french phrases you must know
  6. Top 10 french idioms about food
  7. 10 english expressions used in french 
  8. Common french phrases used in english 
  9. Some french expressions used in english
  10. Useful french exclamations you must know 
  11. Some funny french expressions you must learn
  12. Quantities



  1. Basic french for tourists
  2. 20 common french phrases for tourists you need to know 
  3. French travel phrases: at the hotel (accomodation and booking a room)
  4. French travel phrases: bank and money
  5. French travel phrases: asking for directions
  6. French travel phrases: shopping
  7. French phrases for traveling: sightseeing
  8. French phrases for traveling: at the restaurant
  9. French phrases for traveling: at the post office
  10. French phrases for traveling: safety and emergencies
  11. French phrases for traveling: meeting people
  12. French phrases for traveling: talk about your trip
  13. French phrases for traveling: communications (phone/internet)
  14. French phrases for traveling: health problems (doctor, hospital, pharmacy…)


Letters and email


  1. french basic phrases
  2. french basic conversation
  3. French phrases to know with avoir