French pronunciation guide

French pronunciation guide

On this page you will find some tips and all the phonetics rules to show you how to pronounce french words, the alphabet, the vowels, the accent and letters. It will also help you with your intonation.

Its goal is to help you improve your pronunciation of french words and learn french pronunciation online.

All the lessons online are downlodable and printable for free on PDF.

forty in french pronunciation 

  1. French pronunciation rules
  2. How to pronounce french words correctly
  3. How to say the alphabet in french
  4. How to pronounce numbers in french  
  5. How to pronounce Nice France
  6. How to pronounce est in french
  7. How to pronounce 4 in french
  8. How to pronounce Cannes in french
  9. French phonetic transcription
  10. How to do french accents
  11. French letters with accents (à,é,è,ù…): pronunciation guide