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french logistic words vocabularyFrench logistic vocabulary

On this page you will find the vocabulary list containing all words related to logistic in french.

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French => English

Accusé de réception => Acknowledgment of Order
Affréteur => Charterer
Affrètement => Chartering service
Agent en douane => Customs broker
Allée de circulation => Aisle
Allée de service => Aisle
Allotissement => Allotement
Alvéole => Compartment
Amont => Upstream
Approvisionnement => Sourcing, procurement
Armateur => Ship owner
Article => Item
Article de point de stock => Stock keeping unit
Avarie => Damage
Barge => Barge
Barycentre => Center of gravity
Besoins bruts => Requirements
Besoins nets => Net Requirements
Bon de livraison => Delivery order
Cabotage => Cabotage
Cahier des charges => Technical specifications
Camion => Truck
Carnet de commandes => Order Backlog
Centre => Center, compound
Centre de distribution => Distribution center
Centre d’expédition => Shipping center
Chaîne d’approvisionnement => Supply chain
Chaîne logistique => Supply chain
Chargement => Load
Charger => To load
Chargeur => Shipper
Chariot élévateur frontal => Fork lift
Classement ABC => Distribution by value
Code barres => Bar code
Coefficient de chargement => Loadfactor
Commande => Order
Commander => To order
Commissionnaire de transport => Freight forwarder
Conditions de livraison => Delivery terms
Conditionnement => Packaging
Conditions internationales de vente  (CIV) => International commercial terms (Incoterms)
Consignataire => Consignee
Consignation => Consignment
Consommation => Consumption
Conteneur => Container
Contrôle de la qualité => Quality control
Contrôle des stocks => Inventory control
Convoyage => Shipment
Convoyeur => Carrier, forwarder
Coûts de distribution => Distribution cost
Coût de maintien des articles en stock => Carrying cost
Cycle de commande => Order cycle
Date de réception => Delivery date
Date d’envoi => Shipment date
Décharger => To unload
Déchargement => Unloading
Dédouanement => Customs clearance
Délai => Lead-time
Délai d’approvisionnement => Supply lead time
Délai de livraison => Lead time, delivery time
Demande => Demand
Demande attendue => Expected demand
Demande réelle => Actual demand
Destinataire => Consignee
Dévalorisation => Inventory write-off
Distribution physique => Distribution
Documents d’expédition => Shipping documents
Drive in => Drive in
Drive through => Drive through
Droits de douane => Duties
Durée de couverture => Inventory cycle
Ecart d’inventaire => Discrepancy
Echange de données informatisées (EDI) => Electronic data interchange
Emballage => Packaging
Empilage => Racking
En-cours de fabrication => Work-in-process
Entreposage => Storage
Entrepôt => Warehouse
Entrepôt de douane => Bounded warehouse
Envoi, expédition => Shipment
Etiquette => Label
Etranger => Abroad
Evaluation des stocks => Inventory valuation
Expédier => To ship
Facture => Invoice
Flotte => Fleet
Fournisseur => Supplier / Provider
Frais de manutention => Handling costs
Fret => Freight
Gerbage => Stacking
Gestion de la qualité => Quality management
Gestion de la relation client => Customer Relationship Management
Gestion de magasin => Warehouse management
Gestion des capacités => Capacity control
Gestion des ordres de fabrication => Order control
Gestion des stocks => Stock management
Gestion partagée des stocks => Jointly managed inventory
Groupage => Consolidation / Groupage
Ingénierie => Engineering
Inventaire cyclique => Cycle counting
Inventaire permanent => Perpetual inventory
Inventaire physique => Inventory
Jour de livraison => Delivery day
Juste à temps => Just in time delivery
Ligne de commandes => Order line
Livraison => Delivery
Livraison juste à temps => JIT delivery
Livreur => Delivery man
Lisse => Supporting beam
Logistique => Logistics
Logistique inversée / Logistique des retours => Reverse logistics
Lot => Load
Manutention => Handling
Messagerie => Parcel services
Moyens => Means
Navire => Ship, vessel
Ordonnancement => Scheduling
Ordre de Fabrication => Manufacturing Order
Palette => Pallet
Palette perdue => Single use pallet
Palette prisonnière => Stack pallet
Peletier => Rack
Plate-forme => Hub, platform
Port => Port
Préparation de commandes => Picking
Prestataire logistique => Logistics Service Provider
Production à flux tiré => Demand pull
Programme d’approvisionnement continu => Continuous replenishment program
Quai => Quay
Réapprovisionnement => Picking replenishment
Réceptionnaire => Consignee
Recette => Commissioning
Ré ingénierie => Re-engineering
Remorque => Trailer
Remorque sur wagon plat => Trailer on flat car
Rendement => Performance yield
Réservation => Booking
Rotation des stocks => Inventory turnover
Rupture de stock => Inventory shortage
Rupture de charge => Offloading
Schéma de transport => Routing plan
Schéma logistique => Logistics plan
Semi-remorque => Articulated trailer
Stock => Stock
Stock disponible => Available Inventory
Stockage => Storage
Chaîne d’approvisionnement => Supply chain
Système de Gestion d’Entrepôt => Warehouse Management System
Systèmes de planification avancée => Advanced Planning System
Taux de rotation des stocks => Inventory turnover
Transbordement => Cross docking
Transitaire => Forwarding agent
Transport => Transport
Transport combiné => Combined transport
Transporteur => Carrier
Unité de stockage => Stock unit
Unité de vente conditionnée => Sale unit
Wagon => Wagon, railcars


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