List of prepositional phrases in french

prepositional phrases in french

Following is a list of some common prepositions.
a` to, at, in, on
apre` s after, next to
avant before (time)
avec with
chez at (to) ’s house
contre against
dans in, inside, into
de of, from, with, etc.
depuis since, from
derrie`re behind, after
devant before, in front of
durant during
en in, to
entre between, among
envers toward (moral tendency)
hors (de) outside (of)
jusque until, up to
malgre´ in spite of
par by, through
parmi among
pendant during
pour for, in order to (þ infinitive)
pre`s near
sans without
sauf except
selon according to
sous under
suivant following
sur on, upon
vers toward (direction)
Following is a list of principal prepositional locutions.
a` cause de because of
a` coˆ te´ de beside
afin de in order to
a` force de by means of
a` la mode de in the manner of
a` l’exception de except
a` l’exclusion de to the exclusion of
a` moins de unless
a` raison de at the rate of
a` travers through
au dedans inside, within
au dehors de outside of
au-dela` de above, beyond, past
au-dessous de below
au-dessus de above
au lieu de instead of
au milieu de in the middle of
aupre`s de near

autour de around
aux environs de in the vicinity of
d’apre` s according to
de fac¸on a` so as to
de manie`re a` so as to
de peur de for fear of
en bas de at the bottom of
en dedans de inside, on the inside of, within
en dehors de outside of
en de´ pit de in spite of
en face de in front of, facing
en haut de at the top of
en raison de because of
graˆ ce a` thanks to
hors de outside of
jusqu’a` until, up to
jusque dans up into
loin de far from
par dedans inside, through the inside
par dehors by the outside
par dela` beyond
par-dessous under
par-dessus over, above, on top of
par devant before, in front
par rapport a` with regard to, in relation to
pre`s de near
proche de near
For other uses of prepositions, see the following:
For the use of apre`s with the past infinitive, see page 222.
For the use of en with the present participle, see pages 140–141 and 221.
For the use of par with an infinitive, see page 141.
For the use of par with the passive voice, see page 230.
For the use of prepositions with the year, months and seasons, see pages 94–95.
For the use of de with measurements and age, see page 93.
For the use of the prepositions a` and de before infinitives see pages 227–228.
For the use of a` and de to show possession, see pages 54–55.
For the use of de to introduce a complement of a superlative, see page 50.


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