100 Most common french verbs

Most common french verbsMost common verbs in french

On this page you will find the vocabulary list containing all the most common verbs in french.

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  1. avoir to have
  2. appeler to call, to contact
  3. attendre to wait, to expect
  4. arriver to arrive, to happen
  5. accepter to accept
  6. agir to act
  7. aimer to like, to love
  8. apporter to bring, to cause
  9. appartenir to belong, to concern
  10. assurer to secure, to assure, to insure
  11. apprendre to learn, to teach, to hear of
  12. ajouter to add
  13. aller to go
  14. atteindre to reach, to attain, to achieve
  15. connaître to know, to be acquainted with
  16. continuer to continue
  17. comprendre to understand, to include, to comprehend
  18. croire to believe (in)
  19. chercher to look for, to seek
  20. créer to create, to build
  21. commencer to begin, to start, to commence
  22. compter to count
  23. concerner to concern, to affect
  24. considérer to consider, to study
  25. changer to change, to alter
  26. choisir to choose, to select
  27. dire to say, to tell
  28. devoir to have to , must, to owe
  29. donner to give, to produce
  30. décider to decide, to persuade
  31. défendre to defend, to stand up for, to forbid
  32. devenir to become, to grow (into), to turn (into)
  33. demander to ask, to request
  34. être to be
  35. écrire to write
  36. essayer to try, to attempt
  37. empêcher to prevent, to stop
  38. exister to exist
  39. expliquer to explain, to account for
  40. entendre to hear, to understand
  41. entrer to enter, to go into
  42. falloir to have to
  43. faire to do, to make
  44. gagner to win, to gain, to earn
  45. importer to import, to matter
  46. jouer to play, to act, to gamble
  47. lire to read
  48. laisser to leave, to allow, to let
  49. mener to lead, to conduct
  50. mettre to put, to place
  51. montrer to show, to display
  52. obtenir to obtain, to get
  53. ouvrir to open (up)
  54. occuper to occupy, to take up (space/time)
  55. passer to pass, to go past
  56. porter to carry, to wear
  57. parler to speak, to talk
  58. proposer to suggest, to propose, to offer
  59. perdre to lose, to waste
  60. produire to produce
  61. préparer to prepare (something), to make
  62. présenter to present, to introduce
  63. poser to put down, to pose, to lay (something) down
  64. partir to leave, to depart, to proceed
  65. penser to think
  66. permettre to permit, to allow, to enable
  67. pouvoir to be able (can)
  68. prendre to take, to catch, to capture
  69. revenir to return, to come back
  70. rester to stay, to remain
  71. rendre to return (something), to give back
  72. remettre to put back (on), to replace, to deliver
  73. recevoir to receive, to welcome
  74. répondre to answer, to reply
  75. vivre to live
  76. rappeler to call back, to remind
  77. représenter to represent, to depict, to portray
  78. reprendre to resume, to recover, to take back
  79. relever to raise, to stand up, to pick up
  80. risquer to risk
  81. refuser to refuse
  82. réussir to succeed
  83. rencontrer to meet, to encounter
  84. retrouver to find, to regain, to meet up
  85. reconnaître to recognise, to acknowledge
  86. savoir to know
  87. servir to serve
  88. sembler to seem
  89. sortir to go out, to leave, to exit, to come out
  90. suivre to follow, to pay attention
  91. tenter to tempt
  92. travailler to work
  93. tenir to hold, to keep
  94. trouver to find, to discover
  95. tirer to pull, to draw (curtains, sword), to fire (gun), to print
  96. toucher to touch, to feel, to affect
  97. utiliser to use, to employ
  98. vouloir to want, to wish
  99. voir to see
  100. venir to come


  1. envoyer to send
  2. joindre
  3. pleurer
  4. valoir
  5. pousser
  6. descendre
  7. monter
  8. espérer
  9. jeter
  10. tourner
  11. offrir
  12. arreter
  13. s’asseoir
  14. sentir
  15. courir
  16. plaire
  17. conduire
  18. dormir
  19. se reposer
  20. apparaître
  21. garder
  22. fermer
  23. remercier
  24. excuser
  25. bosser (tafer)
  26. déménager
  27. filmer
  28. virer
  29. collaborer
  30. adorer
  31. annoncer
  32. préciser
  33. sélectionner
  34. indiquer
  35. briller
  36. s’endormir => to fall asleep
  37. pendre (accrocher)

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