100 French Reflexive Verbs you should know

100 French Reflexive Verbs you should know

These verbs can only be conjugated to the pronominal form, i.e. with the auxiliary ‘être’. It’s French verbs starting with with se or s’:

To adapt to S’adapter à
To abstain S’abstenir
To address, speak to, to talk to someone S’adresser à
To amuse oneself Se distraire
To amuse oneself Se divertir
To apologize S’excuser
To argue Se disputer
To bang one’s head Se cogner (la tête)
To bathe, to go swimming Se baigner
To be (situated) Se trouver
To be bored S’ennuyer
To be called, to be named S’appeler
To be content Se contenter
To be interested in something S’intéresser à quelque chose
To be silent, to remain quiet Se taire
To become impatient S’impatienter
To begin Se mettre à
To bite one’s nails Se ronger (les ongles)
To blossom S’épanouir
To blow one’s nose Se moucher
To brag Se vanter
To break (one’s leg, one’s arm) Se casser (la jambe, le bras)
To brush (one’s hair, teeth…) Se brosser (les cheveux, les dents…)
To brush against something Se frotter
To brush your teeth Se brosser les dents
To burn oneself Se brûler
To call oneself or each other S’appeler
To calm down Se calmer
To care about Se soucier de
To change outfit Se changer
To collapse S’effondrer
To collide Se heurter
To color (one’s hair) Se teindre (les cheveux)
To comb one’s hair Se peigner (les cheveux)
To commit suicide Se suicider
To complain Se plaindre
To conform Se conformer
To cry out S’écrier
To cut oneself Se couper
To defend (against an attack) Se défendre contre
To degrade Se dégrader
To discharge S’acquitter
To distrust Se méfier de
To dress S’habiller
To dress up S’habiller
To drown Se noyer
To dry oneself S’essuyer
To eat like a pig Se goinfrer
To escape S’évader
To escape Se sauver
To exclaim, cry out S’écrier
To expect something S’attendre à
To explain oneself S’expliquer
To faint S’évanouir
To fall asleep S’endormir
To feed oneself Se nourrir
To feel Se sentir
To find asylum or protection somewhere Se réfugier
To fix one’s hair Se coiffer (les cheveux)
To flee S’enfuir
To fly away S’envoler
To fold up Se replier
To get a cold S’enrhumer
To get along S’entendre
To get along or to hear one another S’entendre
To get angry, to get annoyed S’énerver, se fâcher
To get by Se débrouiller
To get closer S’avancer
To get closer to someone, to approach S’approcher de quelqu’un
To get dirty Se salir
To get documentation Se documenter
To get dressed S’habiller
To get engaged Se fiancer
To get impatient S’impatienter
To get infected S’infecter
To get info Se renseigner
To get married Se marier
To get married with someone Se marier (avec)
To get on one’s knees S’agenouiller
To get one’s feeling hurt Se vexer
To get organized S’organiser
To get out of the way Se pousser
To get passionate about Se passionner pour
To get qualified Se qualifier
To get ready Se préparer
To get revenge against Se venger de
To get stuck Se coincer
To get tired Se fatiguer
To get undressed Se déshabiller
To get up, to rise, to stand up Se lever
To get used to, to get accustomed to S’habituer à
To get warmer Se réchauffer
To get wet Se mouiller
To go away S’en aller
To go back to one’s seat Se rasseoir
To go for a walk Se promener
To go to bed Se coucher
To hang oneself Se pendre
To hasten S’empresser
To hate each other Se détester
To have fun S’amuser
To hide Se cacher
To hurry Se dépêcher
To hurt oneself Se blesser
To introduce oneself Se présenter
To kill oneself, to die (by accident) Se tuer
To kiss S’embrasser
To lament Se lamenter
To lean Se pencher
To lean against S’appuyer sur/contre/à
To lean down Se pencher
To leave each other Se quitter
To leave, go away S’en aller
To lie down S’allonger, s’étendre
To limit oneself to Se limiter à
To look at each other Se regarder
To love each other S’aimer
To lower oneself Se baisser
To make a mistake Se tromper
To make fun of Se moquer (de)
To make fun of Se moquer
To make the decision to Se décider à
To meet each other Se rencontrer, se retrouver
To multiply Se multiplier
To neglect oneself Se négliger
To not trust, to be wary of Se méfier de
To oppose S’opposer à
To park Se garer
To play, to enjoy oneself S’amuser
To prepare S’apprêter
To propagate Se propager
To protect oneself against Se protéger de
To prove to be S’avérer
To put on a costume Se déguiser
To put on make-up Se maquiller
To relax Se détendre
To remember, to recall Se rappeler, se souvenir de
To rest Se reposer
To rush Se précipiter
To scratch an itch Se gratter
To see one another Se voir
To separate from Se séparer
To shave Se raser
To sit down S’asseoir
To snatch away S’emparer
To start doing something Se mettre (à)
To stop S’arrêter
To straighten Se redresser
To strive S’efforcer
To subscribe to S’abonner à
To take a shower Se doucher
To take a stroll Se balader, se promener
To take care of, to mind, to attend to S’occuper de
To take place, to happen, to go Se passer
To talk to each other Se parler
To telephone each other Se téléphoner
To tilt S’incliner
To train S’entraîner, s’exercer
To transform Se transformer
To trust Se fier à
To turn around/back Se retourner
To turn towards Se tourner vers
To twist (one’s ankle) Se fouler (la cheville)
To unwind Se dérouler
To use Se servir de
To wake up Se réveiller
To wash (one’s hands, face…), to have a wash Se laver (les mains, la figure…)
To wonder Se demander
To worry about S’inquiéter, Se soucier











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