The basics of french: vegetables list

the basics of french vegetables listThe basics of french: vegetables (les légumes)

On this page you will find the vocabulary list containing all words related to vegetables in french.

You can download it on PDF for free by clicking here.

If you see some mistakes or if you want to add a new word to the list, please leave a comment !

English => French

Vegetables (= Les légumes)

artichoke => artichaut
asparagus => asperge
bamboo => bambou
beans => haricots
bean sprout => germe de soja
beetroot => betterave
broccoli => brocoli
brussels sprouts => choux de Bruxelles
cabbage => chou
carrot => carotte
cauliflower => chou-fleur
celery => céleri
cherry tomato => tomate-cerise
chili => piment
cucumber => concombre
dried vegetables => légumes secs
ear of corn => épi de maïs
eggplant => aubergine
fresh => frais
frozen vegetables => légumes surgelés
GMOs => les OGM
green beans / french beans => haricots verts
green peas / peas => des petits pois
green/red pepper => poivron vert/rouge
green vegetables => légumes verts
green leafy vegetables => légumes à feuilles vertes
to grow vegetables => faire pousser des légumes
horseradish => raifort
kale => chou frisé
kidney beans => haricots rouges
leek => poireau
lentils => lentilles
lettuce => laitue
manioc => cassava root / manioc
mushroom => champignon
onion => oignon
organic => bio
peas / grean peas => petit pois
to peel the vegetables => peler les légumes
pepper => poivron
pesticides => des pesticides
potato => pomme de terre
pumpkin => citrouille
radish => radis
raw vegetables => crudités
red / green pepper => poivron rouge / vert
roast potatoes => pommes de terre rôties
rhubarb => rhubarbe
salad => salade
seasonal vegetables / in-season vegetables => légumes de saison
shallot => échalotte
spinach => épinards
squash => courge
spring onion => oignon blanc / ciboule
sweet potato => patate douce
soy => soja
tomato => tomate
turnip => navet
vegetable garden => potager
zucchini => courgette

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